CUI Framework

This framework provides a UI developer a set of tooling, configuration and scaffolding necessary to create a custom UI for their project. The framework has the following features:

  • Modern, Single Page App
  • Modular, Customizable Design
  • Responsive UI Components
  • Advanced Build Pipeline
  • Comprehensive SASS Variables
  • Integrated with the Covisint Platform
  • Scaffolding and Builders
  • Resilient, scalable hosting architecture

Solution Accelerators



The CUI Framework has embraced the Yeoman scaffolding toolset in order to stand up new stand-alone projects. We currently have a single full featured generator released.


The framework heavily utilizes the following cui packages distributed through NPM. Each package provides a meaningful seperation of concerns for the framework as a whole as well as your development needs. Each project can be taken as is or customized as necessary in its own regard.

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