The CUI SDK was built to provide various components to assist in:

  • Developing a frontend UI
  • Integrating various brand styling to the UI
  • Connecting it to the Covisint Platform Services.

High Level Architecture

graph TD; subgraph Covisint Platform cuiProxy-->pApiGateway[Api Gateway] pApiGateway-->pAuthz[Authz Policies] pAuthz-->pApi["Platform API(s)"] cuiProxy-->cApi[Custom Api Gateway] cApi-->cAuthz["Custom Api Endpoint(s)"] cuiProxy-->fontHost[CUI Fonts] end subgraph Your Custom SPA cui-i18n---ngModules cui-ng---ngModules cui-icon---ngModules cui-styleguide---ngModules ngModules["Angular Module(s)"]-->cuijs[cui.js] cuijs-->|calls services through| cuiProxy[IDM Hosting Service] end click cui-i18n "./packages/cui-i18n/overview.html" "Internationalization" click cui-ng "./packages/cui-ng/overview.html" "Angular Components" click cui-icon "./packages/cui-icons/overview.html" "Icons" click cui-styleguide "./packages/cui-styleguide/overview.html" "Design Patterns"

Development Workflow

graph TD; generator-cui-ng[CUI Ng Generator]-->|selects and uses| cui-idm-b2x[CUI IDM B2X Accelerator] cui-idm-b2x-->|as scaffolding for| spa[Your Custom SPA] npmPackages[NPM Packages]-->|are used in| spa spa-->grunt spa-->gruntPackage[grunt package] spa-->gruntDeploy[grunt deploy] subgraph Project Tasks grunt-->|to develop and run| localApp[Local App] gruntPackage-->|to build| artifact[Deployable Artifact] gruntDeploy-->|creates| artifact end artifact-->|is deployed to a target on| cuiProxy gruntDeploy-->|uploads artifact to| cuiProxy[IDM Hosting Service] cuiProxy-->|serves| prod[Production App]

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