Cui-i18n Changelog

[1.0.16] - 2016-10-25


  • The dist directory contains the original structure, plus a versioned structure.
  • grunt build now requires that you supply it a version number.
  • Adds ascii script to grunt build.
    • grunt build --newVersion=<version>
  • Generate scripts (generateTimezones.js, generateTranslations.js, generateMessaging.js) now require the initDist.js script to be run beforehand.
  • initDist.js now requires a version number to be passed as a parameter.

[1.0.15] - 2016-10-21


  • The dist directory now follows a slightly changes folder structure. This is a breaking change for projects using this dependency.
    • Before: dist/cui-i18n/...
    • After: dist/<i18n version number>/cui-i18n/...

[1.0.13] - 2016-09-08


  • addition of "unlock" button, confirmation message and error message when unlocking a user account
  • added automated Google Translate content for new rows that did not have any translations yet. (row 290 + at the time of the release.)


  • README updates for better parsing by upstream Gitbook
  • CHANGELOG updates

[1.0.12] - 2016-08-22


  • latest official translations from actual people, not Google translate.
  • Changes link in the README to point to an empty sample translation template. The empty template is encuraged to be used instead of having a full set of translation keys in your own custom repository.


  • the password rules had variables that were not working correctly in some langauges. this has been resolved.

[1.0.10] - 2016-08-06


  • Additional language keys updated by humans.

[1.0.9] - 2016-06-28


  • Initial public release of the CUI i18n Library

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