Class toggle

Version 1.0


Class toggle allows you to easily toggle a class on an element from any user interaction (input, click, etc.) on that element or any of it's children.

Usage Example


  <div class="my-div class-toggle" toggled-class="my-div--bold" ng-click="toggleClass()">
    <span>I will be bold when you click anywhere in this element.</span>

class-toggle can be added to the element as a class (same as example above), as the name of that tag (meaning you can use <class-toggle></class-toggle> rather than <div></div>) or an attribute (<div class-toggle></div>).

How it works / features

Everytime toggleClass() gets fired from an element inside of the directive the toggled-class class will toggle. You also get a scope variable called toggled that you can use to manipulate other elements within the expandable (if toggled is true, it means that the element has the toggled-class). You can also use toggleOn() or toggleOff() to only add or remove the class from the element, respectively.

Change Log


  • Now also takes class-toggle as an attribute.


  • No longer requires the 'toggled-class' attribute (if the purpose it to only access the toggled scope var).

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