CUI Avatar

Version 1.0


Cui-avatar is a directive that inserts the user's avatar into the background of the div it's applied to.

Usage Example

  <div cui-avatar="app.appUser.avatar" cui-avatar-names="app.appUser.names" cui-avatar-color-class-prefix="avatar-color" cui-avatar-color-count="3"></div>
  • app.appUser.avatar - A link to the user's image. If defined, the directive will wait until the image is loaded and then it will compile a new element nested in the cui-avatar element, with the following markup: <div class="cui-avatar__image-container"></div>. It then applies the image as the background-image of this new element.
  • app.appUser.names - Array of names that you want the initials displayed for. It will create an element inside of the cui-avatar element with this markup <div class="cui-avatar__initials">Initials Here</div>.
  • cui-avatar-color-class-prefix - Prefix for a class to be applied to the cui-avatar element. Useful in case you want to define a modifier class, like cui-avatar--colorX, where X is a number from 1 to cui-avatar-color-count. Note that if you define the cui-avatar-color-class-prefix attribute you must also define cui-avatar-color-count="3">.

Change Log 1/14/2016

  • Now accepts user-avatar as a variable directly, rather than a string with the object. (No more double curly brackets)

Change Log 3/28/2016

  • Major re-work; Now accepts the user's names and displays his initials until his avatar is loaded.

Change Log 3/30/2016

  • New optional attributes:
    • cui-avatar-cuiI18n-filter - if cui-avatar-names is an array of internationalized languages pass this attribute.
    • cui-avatar-max-num-initials - the max number of initials to display (by default is 2).
  • Now takes a user's email ( with the cui-avatar-email attribute ), if that user has a gravatar account and a custom avatar set, it will use that avatar as the image to display.
    • You will need to add blueimp's MD5 hashing module ( as a depdency for this to work. Simply run npm install --save blueimp-md5 and then add <script src="node_modules/blueimp-md5/js/md5.min.js"></script> at the bottom of your index file, before cui-ng.

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