CUI expandable

Version 1.0


Cui-expandable is an angular directive that allows for the easy creation of an element that collapses.

Usage Example


  <cui-expandable class="cui-expandable expanded">
    <cui-expandable-title class="cui-expandable__title" ng-click="toggleExpand()">
      Not expanded
    <cui-expandable-body class="cui-expandable__body">

Adding expanded class to cui-expandable will show the expanded view by default. (class="expanded")

How it works / features

Everytime toggleExpand() gets fired from an element inside of the directive the expanded class will toggle. This, coupled with css rules allows the user to expand or collapse the view. You also get a scope variable called expanded that you can use to manipulate other elements within the expandable. You can also use expand() or collapse() to only open or only collapse the expandable.

Change Log 1/14/2016

  • Now has a scope variable called expanded that will be true when the cui-expandable element has the expanded class. This variable should be read only and altering it will not toggle the expansion - for that use the scope method toggleExpand().
  • Now can be only expanded or only closed using expand() or collapse().

Change Log 2/18/2016

  • Now using jquery's animate({'height':'toggle'}) to toggle the height, rather than having a max-height set on the body. This makes the animations feel much smoother and more responsive.

Change Log 2/25/2016

  • Now takes an optional attribute, transition-speed, which is the millisecond value of the transition on expand / collapse (default is 300ms, but for smaller expandables a smaller value is recommended).

Change Log 5/13/2016

  • Fixes issue where if there was a label inside of the element with toggleExpand() and the label got clicked it would fire toggleExpand twice. To use this fix, you will have to call toggleExpand with the ng-click event, if there is a label within that toggle expand element. (ng-click="toggleExpand($event)")

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