CUI IDM App Hosting

A highly availabile application hosting service specifically tuned and configured to host your CUI IDM Apps.


  • Preconfigured to expose the Covisint platform APIs directly on the host.
  • Configured to support our Solution Accelerator build tasks so deployment is quick and easy.
  • SSL Certificate enabled.
  • The Hosting service offers a set of APIs of its own that can be used to configure features of itself. For example, custom proxy paths can be configured to route http requests to remote hosts via a local path.


You will need to work closely with the platform team in order to have your CUI IDM App Hosting environment configured. Please review the setup steps to have an overview of the main items necessary to have completed and tested.

App Hosting Setup



Your default uiHost will be https://{originUri}.idm.{datacenter}. For example:


Your default serviceUrl will be https://{originUri}.idm.{datacenter}/p/apiProxy. For example


  • Vanity URLs can be configured for use to match your specific domain strategy. This process is currently managed through your solution architect and in coordination with the platform team.

  • Custom Proxies. By using a simple set of API call {TODO: further documentation necessary}

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